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Are you tired of hearing about pills or medications that claim to improve your memory, help you lose weight, or increase your testosterone levels? Nature's gifts and a healthy motivation, when combined with our alternative procedures will provide all that you need.

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Lymphstar Pro Fusion Promotes

• Detoxification boosted by technology
• Improvement of lymphatic circulation
• Enhancement of lymphatic drainage
• Utilization of vibrational energy therapies
• An alternative to manual lymph procedures
• The Carter Technique of lymphatic drainage
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Touch 4 Health Promotes

• Elements of kinesiology for maximum energy balance
• Wellness and pain relief through relaxation
• A balance of energy within meridian body points
• Simple and easy emotional stress release and relief
• Western science and ancient eastern philosophies
• Techniques used by millions worldwide
Orion Computerized EDS

Electro Dermal Screening Brings You

• The Orion Computerized EDS to create balance
• New methods for detecting underlying causes of diseases
• Measurements of therapeutic progress
• Detection of allergies, parasites, and pesticides
• Detection of organ and nutritional weaknesses
• Technologies used in polygraph testing
Nutritional Counseling

Nutritional Counseling and Weight Management

• Customized to your basal metabolic rates
• Created according to your present muscle mass
• Correlated to your present activity level
• Aligned to a computerized health assessment
• Adjusted and improved by measured progress
• Improves health, happiness, self-esteem, and longevity

Key Features of BMI Analysis Machine That We Use:

• World’s bestselling consumer radio wireless full-body body composition monitor 
• Takes fitness and health monitoring to the highest possible levels
• Up to 15 body composition measurements (weight, body fat%, body water%, muscle mass, and more
• Communication options include Computer, Garmin, iPhone, Remote Displays, Tanita Key, and Servers
• Free HealthyEdge Lite Software for enhanced analysis and graphing
DNA Testing

DNA Testing for Weight Management

• Properly matches your diet with your exact genotype
• Improves weight loss with precision
• Test conducted in your own home, no lab visit
• Prescribes workout intensity level as needed
• All test results kept confidential and secure
• Set more accurate goals and reach them faster
Stress relief

Max Pulse Cardio Analysis

Max Pluse cardio analysis helps you to determine and analyze:

• Overall cardiovascular health
• Heart rate variability and mean heart rate
• Overall elasticity of large, small, and peripheral arteries
• Arteriosclerosis progress
• Blood circulation and remaining blood in the vessels after the systolic contraction of the heart
• Left ventricular ejection and contraction power
• Mental stress, physical stress, and resistance to stress

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