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Equine Health Solutions

Equine Health Solutions

Useful Information on STS-2 Scanner

STS-2 Scanner is a device that allows you to go over the horse's body externally and pinpoint exactly where any problems exist.

• The scanner emits microcurrent of electricity which neither you nor the horse can feel. That current is used to measure the resistance in the tissue it contacts. High resistance means there is something wrong in the area
• The scanner will measure the health of bones, ligaments, tendons, soft tissues, and organs
• We scan the entire horse and locate problems within the body
• We mark each spot where the scanner indicates a problem and the technician will later treat the area with the light therapy unit
Equine Health

STS-2 Scanner Does Not Diagnose Physical Problems

The scanner does not diagnose physical problems. It simply locates where the problem exists. We always scan the entire horse, not just the area that seems to be causing the problem.

As we all know, pain can be deferred to different areas of our bodies and this is very true of horses since all of their movements are on the diagonal.

For example, a horse may seem lame on the front right leg, and the actual problem may be detected in the back or the hip, which causes the front leg to become lame. This means the horse is compensating for the pain in his hip or back with his front end.

Removing All the Guesswork: What Is Wrong With My Horse?

• A horse will be scanned with a Poll Therapy Unit (PTU), which is used on his head. The PTU not only treats the problems in the poll (usually from halter trauma) but also creates an endorphin release that relaxes the horse.
• We treat the horse using the Equine Therapy Unit (ETU), which uses red and infrared light to stimulate the body to heal itself.
• The ETU incorporates certain wavelengths and colors of light as a healing modality.

The STS-2 scanner takes the guesswork out of knowing what is going on with the horse. The light therapy products use safe, non-invasive technology to stimulate the body to heal without drugs or other more invasive treatments.

STS-2 can improve the performance of your horses in whatever activity they do. With over 23 years of safe and successful use all over the world, the Sumerel Therapy System can help your horse too! Contact Rachel to learn more!
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